Thurn group supply sonar survey equipment along with supporting hardware and software from the world’s leading manufacturers including Imagenex, Kongsberg, Universal Ground Control Software, and Ocean Alpha; as well as our own products.

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Universal Ground Control Software provide industry leading control systems for drones to enable automated aerial surveying with a wide range of sonar and scanning applications.

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Kongsberg GeoAcoustics

Kongsberg GeoAcoustics are a leading manufacturer of sonar seabed survey equipment, including shallow water multibeam systems, side scan sonars and sub-bottom profilers.

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Kongsberg Mesotech

Kongsberg Mesotech are a Canadian subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime who develop high-resolution acoustic imaging equipment. They supply a large range of underwater survey technology including sonars for bathymetry, imaging, scanning, and sub-bottom.

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Imagenex specialise in high resolution underwater sonar and scanning equipment, priding themselves on providing the sharpest and clearest images to your screen.

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OceanAlpha supply unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) which support a wide range of marine survey equipment. A remote or automated USV can provide a highly efficient, low cost, and accurate solution in a diverse range of aquatic scanning applications.

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THURN Group develop our own sonar technology solutions including remote submarine survey vessels incorporating industry leading sonars. We work with our clients to build and improve the tools required for their specific challenges.

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