THURN Group supply survey equipment for all your underwater survey requirements including sonars for bathymetry, imaging, scanning, and sub-bottom, including pole-mount, hull-mount, towed, and ROV/AUV/ASV mount.

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Sidescan Sonar

Flexible multi-frequency sonar imaging systems for surveys, including search and rescue. Also available in combined sub-bottom and side-scan configurations.

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Imaging Sonar

A range of beamforming and interferometric multibeam sonars. Wide swath mapping sonars for shallow water survey tasks. Options for pole-mount, hull-mount and AUV/ROV/ASV mount.

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Mapping Sonar

Sonars for mapping the seabed and underwater structures for use in a diverse range of applications including marine construction.

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Sub-bottom Profilers

Sub-bottom profilers and sub-bottom imaging systems using the latest CHIRP technology to provide highest resolution of the shallow sub-seabed. Pole-mount, hull-mount, towed, and ROV-mount systems.

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Listening Hydrophones

Listening hydrophones for monitoring and analysing ocean acoustics.

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Ground-Penetrating Radar

THURN Group supply a range of GPRs to scan and survey below the seabed.

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Magnetometers for detecting metal objects such as pipes, cables and shipwrecks as well as subsea lava flows.

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Methane Sensor

Methane sensors for detecting CH4 in water for gas pipe leak detection and environmental monitoring.

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Control, data processing and imaging software for drones, survey vessels, sonars and other marine scanning equipment.

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Survey Vessels

A range of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) supplied by OceanAlpha. Can be fitted with various sonar, survey, scanning, and search and rescue equipment.

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Provides operators with a complete picture of the surrounding environment.

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